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Cording instructions for  precorded track


Track is supplied in lengths up to 3m, pre-corded with gliders supplied loose to be inserted after the track has been bent and mounted on the wall or ceiling.


  • Identify the front and back of the track, ensure the track is corded up with the cord drop on the correct side

If the track is bendable:


  • Loosen the down pulley and the return pulley.
  • Bend the track as required working from the centre closely following the enclosed instructions.





Return pulley

Cord tensioner

Overlap arm



joiner in place, ensure magnet is at the front

Bend only until spaces in plastic filler meet, no further!




  • Trim the track to length (cut the end that will be concealed with the endcap/finial
  • Fit the track to the wall brackets/ceiling
  • Position the downpulley and return pulley, tighten up the locking screws.
  • Fix the cord tensioner to the wall, a minimum of 1.5m from the floor to comply with child safety regulations.
  • Take up the slack in the cord by pulling through the overlap or underlap arm and tying off the cord to tension the cord enough to ensure it stays in the track.
  • Ensure the cord does not cross over itself within the track.
  • Twistfit gliders can be installed at any point along the track, ensure that the cord is not trapped under any part of the gliders
  • Fit one glider between the finial and the downpulley to act as a fixed glider.
  • Fit the finials/end caps as required.
  • Clip the joiner cover over the centre join.


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