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What should I fit poles or track???



First of all consider the look that you prefer:


Non standard colour: Choose unfinished wooden poles to paint yourself or we can paint in a colour of your choice.


The curtains need to draw in/out of a bay window or around an obstruction:  There is no wooden option here, We can bend our 19mm diameter metal poles (but not the 32mm diameter poles) or our System30 bendable track is designed to be bent into bays.


I need to ceiling/top fix: We supply ceiling fix brackets for all of our poles, poles must stand some way off the ceiling to provide a gap between ceiling and track for rings and finials. Our square section track will neatly fit directly up onto the ceiling, no gap, and minimal shadow line, use as many fixings as you need, a near perfect blackout can be created with a ceiling fix track.


I wish to fit a Surf curtain heading:

Curtain on track ceiling fixed, Curtain heading fits tightly up to the underside of the track.

Curtain on wooden pole wall fixed below the ceiling, curtain heading sits some way below the pole.

For a clean,contemporary look:  Fit track

For a traditional/softer look: Fit poles

Other considerations:

Use track, or a track inset into a pole. This curtain heading  cannot be fitted to poles with curtain rings.

Very large span curtains: Track is your best option, extra long track is easily accomplished by adding on lengths, runner will pass the joins and brackets, so you can use as many brackets as you need on an unlimited track length. We do not advise using cord control for curtains over 2.4m


Cord control: We can cord our wooden 50 and 63mm poles, but not our metal poles. Track can be controlled by cord (max 2.4m single curtain width), but also consider using draw-rods if you wish to avoid handling the fabric. Child safety regulations for cord positioning can make large corded curtains difficult/slow to operate.


Fitting a curtain to cover a working door: Fit either a pole or track if there is enough room to draw the curtain back off the door.  If not our portiere rods are designed to swing out of the way with the curtain when the door is opened.


Quietest?   Probably wooden poles, there is something very pleasing about the sound of waxed wood on wood


Adjusting curtain drop: with poles it is easy to adjust the curtain heading up or down slightly so that the bottom of the curtain is exactly as required, with tracks there is very little opportunity to adjust the curtain heading height, and hence the drop.



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