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When the hinge backplate is fitted to a doorjamb and the sliding support fitted to a door the pole will open with the door, alternatively the pole can be lifted off the sliding support on the door and swung open and placed on the support on the return wall for times when the curtain is not required over the door

NOTE:  The curtain should be double sided if it is to be used in the open position

  1. Fit hingeplate to door jam or side of the window (dormer window installations)
  2. Fit the finial to the pole and lock on using one of the lockcollars
  3. Offer up the pole and finial to the hinge, mark off required length of pole and cut the pole to size
  4. Slide the exact number of rings required for the curtain onto the pole and push the lockcollar over the cut end of the pole
  5. Slide the assembly of pole/finial/rings/lock collars onto the hinge rod and lock in place with the grub screws on the lock collar
  6. Fit the sliding support near the finial end of the pole (allow enough room for the door to open and the pole to slide along the support)
  7. Fit the second sliding support on the return wall

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